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Since 1996, Ravage®\'s website had shown you its collections, pictures, its selling areas, and other stuff and infos.
But I have to close it today, with nostalgia and regrets...

People continues to send me e-mail, but I won\'t respond, starting today, because I think I still don\'t have to do it anymore.

As I want to give you a last present, I\'ve decided to sell online all my personnal collection of Ravage® objects, like posters, 3 parts and 4 parts leaflet (whitch you\'ve asked me a lot of time by e-mail), and an UNIQUE set of eight displays "Paru dans ELLE".

Thank you all for your visits (25,000,000 page/view), your emails (more than 40,000 messages) and I hope to see you soon on an Ebay auction, or another website project ;-)

You can find all those objects on EBAY
or on the following page for more detailled pictures..

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